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Matrix 16 Controller


The Matrix 16 Engine Controller is designed for unattended automatic starting and stopping of an internal combustion engine in a NEMA 1 operating environment.

The Matrix 126 combines the best of solid state and relay based logic devices giving optimum reliability and is available for 12 or 24 volt DC operation. Indicator lights are long life, low power LED’s and comprise two status indicators, a green “power on” light and a flashing amber switch “not in auto” light, plus up to 14 fault indicator lights. A “lamp test” button is provided to test the operation of these lights.


The Matrix 16 is protected by a Reverse Power Relay in case the battery terminals are accidentally reversed. If such an event occurs, the whole controller remains “dead”, including all power relays so that no damage will result downstream. In addition, the internal circuitry is protected by a 2amp AGC fuse preventing circuit board damage in case output terminals such as air box solenoid driver (terminal 18), and fault announciator outputs (terminal 41-55) are short circuited. Crank output terminal #32 and fuel output terminals #30 and #31, and battery auxiliary terminals #26 are NOPT short circuit rotected, therefore, the supply to the controller should be protected by a 15 amp maximum fuse.

The assemble board is fully covered with conformal coating to protect against humid and corrosive environments.


The Matrix 16 contains a 4 position switch labeled MAN., OFF, AUTO, and ATS TEST.

Off Position: This is not a true off but in this position, prevents engine starting, resets any fault indicators and deactivates the faults inputs. In this position, the Battery Voltage Sensor (DCVS) and the Speed Sensor (ESS) are still active.

Manual Position: Starts engine immediately (unless push button is being used) and activates all fault inputs.

Auto Position: Activates all fault inputs and is ready for Remote Engine Start Signal.