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ECU 16 Enginer Mounted Controller

A unit mounted controller designed primarily for standby generators combining AC metering with a manual / Autostart controller, fault monitoring and remote fault contacts.

Standard Features

  • NEMA 1 enclosure with drip shield.
  • Vibration isolators installed.
  • AC  Voltmeter, Ammeter, Frequency meter, Hourmeter.
  • Four Position Volt / Amp phase selector switch.
  • Engine controller – matrix 16 Autostart.
  • Standard shutdowns – overcrank, overspeed,
    • High engine temp, low oil pressure.
  • Electronic Speed Switch , ESS-2,
  • Transformer or Magnetic pick-up input.
  • Multicrank timer, Oil pressure delay timer.
  • AC & DC fusing.
  • Heavy duty crank relay and louver (run)relay included.
  • Potential and current transformers as required.
  • Convenient numbered terminals for field connection.
  • Provision for Engine gauges.